SAP Micromechanics, in short :

Finished product quality and respect of deadlines are the watchwords of the company.

We bring since more than 25 years our know-how in terms of accuracy machining to various major players in the space field and electronics.

Relationships of trust and close collaboration were woven with all our partners.

SAP Micromechanics provides its machinist expertise always with the same commitment : to provide the best technical solutions for making more complex and accurate products .

Located 45 minutes from Toulouse, we are situated in the heart of the competitivity cluster “Aerospace Valley” dedicated to aeronautics, space and embarked systems in Midi-Pyrénées and Aquitaine.

Since 1999, an internal quality control system has been established (closely following the ISO 9001 version 2008) to optimize all of our working methods. This benefit does not affect the competitiveness that the company has demonstrated in technical and economic terms since its creation. Instead, it is an added advantage.

Our goal is the  ISO 9001 certification at end 2014 – early 2015.

SAP Micromechanics has a highly qualified staff that cultivates the taste of craftsmanship.

(Current Workforce: 19 employees)

A brief history:


  • 1978 : Creation of the company.
  • 1986 : Orientation towards high accuracy machining for the aerospace, space and electronics with the creation of our own micromechanics workshop .
  • 1997 : Fitting up of new worshop space to meet an increasing complex activity .
  • 1999 : Implementation of an internal quality control policy to meet ISO 9001 requirements, certifying compliance with orders management protocols  from raw materials reception  to finished products delivery.
  • 2002 : Purchase of a Three-dimensional testing machine (optical, scanning and laser)
  • 2005 : Creation of a Laser Reflectors Supports catalog (laser tracker) to facilitate the ordering of various types of possible toolings.
  • 2007 : Evolution of the business organization with the creation of the Production Manager post.
  • 2008 : Purchase of a wire electroerosion machine, to achieve very accurate profiles. Use of wire up to 0.05mm diameter.
  • 2011 : Opening of our own engineering office in order to achieve the design and implementation plans of small floor tools (design made under CATIA license)
  • 2012 : Purchase of a new CN Tower with Y axis.