We have a diversified set of machines allowing us to carry the following tasks :

  • Numerical controlled and conventional milling
  • Numerical controlled and conventional lathing
  • Electroerosion by wire and cavity sinking (wire up to 0.05 mm diameter)
  • Flat and cylindrical grinding
  • Manual running-in
  • Mounting of small sets in gray room
Milling Milling Numerical control milling
Numerical control milling Numerical control turning Conventional turning
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Thanks to these production tools, we can machine all material types.

We attach great importance to the cleanliness of our production workshops on the grounds that a clean working environment helps all different co-workers to carry out work of high technicity.

For each of your projects we assign a Chargé d’affaires who will be your contact for any exchange of technical data related to your order.

This Chargé d’affaires will be responsible for the guarantee of quality and timeliness of delivery.